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opcycWFM clearly stands out from the competition in terms of its scope of services. All have functions, but it is their performance that counts. With its functional areas, opcycWFM naturally handles tasks such as forecasting, shift planning and shift staffing and all other essential processes that characterise daily operations. Intraday control and an employee portal are also a matter of course.

The decisive factor, however, is the operational performance depth ... and opcycWFM is unbeaten in this respect!

  • Monitoring + Control
  • time management
  • Reporting + data analysis
  • employee portal
  • master data administration

All opcyc functional areas are intelligently linked and operate on the basis of an integrated data warehouse. This enables a high degree of automation of the entire work process and reduces manual activities to a minimum. This results in decisive advantages in the daily operative cycle:


  • Optimal coordination of all planning and control processes
  • Minimization of manual input errors
  • Significantly reduced staff retention for reporting and analysis
  • Better capacity planning and control thanks to high data quality


Comfortable personnel management

With a large range of functions, clear administration is particularly important. In the AdminCenter, the master data and parameters of all work modules are administered simply and conveniently - no matter whether it is about production projects, authorizations or employee information.

With its numerous functionalities, the AdminCenter can also be used as a fully-fledged personnel management system, through which all relevant employee-related data is managed. Alternatively, personnel master data from all common HR systems can be imported and supplemented with planning-relevant information.

The flexible rights management ensures that the different users can only use the functions approved for them.


Employees optimally planned

Staff scheduling in customer service takes place in a highly complex environment. The expected workload must be covered in the best possible way, without employing too many employees and thus causing unnecessary costs. At the same time, the working time wishes and availability of the customer advisors, their skills and qualifications as well as legal or contractual restrictions must be taken into account.

The WorkforcePlanner is designed to optimally process all relevant framework conditions with the highest possible flexibility. With the help of numerous configurable planning rules, even complex operational requirements can be mapped and alternative planning scenarios simulated at the same time. The individual working time accounts of the employees are intelligently taken into account in order to sensibly optimize shift lengths and efficiently control overtime or undertime.


Shift planning and production monitoring from a single source

To have a complete overview of the available production resources at all times is indispensable for the challenges of day-to-day business. The TimeTable not only offers a clear overview of the current personnel deployment planning, but also provides all other important information required for optimal control and personnel management in real time.

The necessary shift adjustments can be made quickly and easily using Drag&Drop. In combination with the TimeManager, missing log bookings can be added and sick notes can be recorded at the click of a mouse. Expected over- and undercoverages during the course of the day are displayed directly. A weekly display additionally enables the targeted optimization of shift plans for future days.


Analysis and reporting uncomplicated and reliable

Especially in the contact center business a very detailed reporting is indispensable. In order to be able to work particularly flexibly and efficiently, opcycWFM works with an integrated data warehouse in which relevant data from external systems (ACD, payroll, etc.) connected via a powerful integration layer is stored.

In addition to various overview reports on all operational indicators, opcycWFM already offers the possibility of easily handling more unusual evaluation requests in the standard version.

Optionally, all available data can be dynamically evaluated via OLAP cubes and individual analyses and reports can be generated quickly and reliably using freely configurable queries.


Transparency for all employees

High motivation and satisfaction of the employees are an essential success factor in the Contact Center. The best possible consideration of the wishes of the customer advisors and an optimal transparency of the data important to them (shift planning, working time account, vacation, etc.) therefore have a special significance within opcycWFM.

Via the web-based myOPCYC, employees can enter desired working times, call up shift schedules, submit vacation requests and offer shifts for exchange or accept shifts from an exchange exchange exchange. In addition, the current balances of the working time and vacation account are displayed, the respective activity and break planning for the current day as well as optionally relevant performance data.

Furthermore, myOPCYC offers the possibility to record working and break times and to change master data or apply for changes. As myOPCYC is 'responsive', employees can also access and operate the functions via smartphone and tablet.

Time Management

Time management from A to Z

Only with the full integration of time-management data can a personnel planning and control solution achieve optimum results. The consideration of working time balances improves resource planning, the electronic processing of absenteeism reports reduces manual effort and the constant availability of time-management plan and actual data increases transparency and control efficiency.

TimeManager supports all the necessary functionalities from time recording and evaluation to the mapping of absenteeism processes and the calculation of bonuses and activity evaluations. Optionally, all data can be synchronised with other systems from the areas of time management, HR and payroll. This makes it possible to map the most diverse workflows that are possible in this context.


Back office planning & control without compromises

Up to now, DOCS have been treated as if they were calls during planning and control. This tacitly neglected the fact that the processing times of DOCS are very different and that the formation of overarching average values is actually forbidden. Documents with processing times of 3 minutes were combined with 30 minutes.

In addition, the most essential planning component for DOCS in automated WFM processes must be completely ignored: the patience of DOCS during processing. In contrast to calls, the waiting loop for each individual document knows by when processing should be completed. In contrast to calls, the "leave it at home" component can and must be taken into account. While a "patient" call cannot be assigned a different position in the waiting loop by efficient means, this is basically possible with DOCS. With opcycDOCS, opcycWFM has a new optional module for planning and controlling back office processes. From now on, a targeted inclusion of DOCS (letter, e-mail, fax) in the WFM processes of your company is possible in both planning and control.


Data use without limits

opcycWFM needs extensive data for the operational business and also produces new data itself continuously. All these data are stored in the opcycWFM databases and are available for reporting and Excel export. opcycDATA now allows direct access to these data sets. With opcycDATA you can make yourself completely independent of the reports and specifications of opcyc. Via SQL queries and views, BI tools or via third-party software etc. - opcycDATA can be used to access opcycWFM data via SQL queries and views, BI tools or via third-party software etc. - in other words, via everything that can handle the connection to SQL databases. With opcycDATA, the use and further processing is now completely left to the companies. Whether special reports, e.g. including other data sources, are to be created from this data, or whether the data is to be made available for your own HR or payroll programs, or whether selected groups of people are to be provided with data prepared using BI tools such as Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, etc. - opcycDATA makes all this possible. Even access "only" with data connection via Excel is possible without any problems. Even special applications are now possible with opcycDATA: For customers of several call centres, opcycDATA offers the possibility of consolidated reporting. For service providers there is the possibility of very very individual customer reports. For all of them, any combination of data can help to make completely new evaluations. opcycDATA is primarily aimed at larger units and organisations that want to build on the already extensive reporting and data export capabilities of opcycWFM.


Detailed information on individual services is available to registered users as files.

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