With opcycDOCS, opcycWFM has a new optional module for planning and controlling back office processes. From now on, a targeted integration of DOCS (letter, e-mail, fax) into the WFM processes of your company is possible in both planning and control.

opcycDATA is the DataWareHouse module of opcycWFM. Practically all available data, which opcycWFM needs and produces for the operational business are directly accessible via opcycDATA.

To have a complete overview of the available production resources at all times is indispensable for the challenges of day-to-day business. The TimeTable not only offers a clear overview of the current personnel deployment planning, but also provides all other important information required for optimal control and personnel management in real time.

Personnel resource planning in the call center takes place in a highly complex environment. The expected workload must be covered in the best possible way, without employing too many employees and thus causing unnecessary costs. At the same time, the working time wishes and availability of the customer advisors, their skills and qualifications as well as legal or contractual restrictions must be taken into account.

Only with the full integration of time-management data can a personnel planning and control solution achieve optimum results. The consideration of working time balances improves resource planning, the electronic processing of absenteeism reports reduces manual effort and the constant availability of time-management plan and actual data increases transparency and control efficiency.