opcyc GmbH was founded in 2011 as Just Intelligence GmbH. The foundation stone of the WFM software was laid for and under the influence of one of the leading German customer service providers. With the ICC software, today's opcycWFM, developed from operational practice, opcyc offers one of the most powerful systems for planning and controlling call centers and operations in customer service.

Today, opcyc stands for intelligent workforce management. opcyc's customers include banks, customer service and e-commerce service providers, insurance companies, technology companies, tourism companies and energy providers.

Managing Director

Ralf Thomas

Ralf Thomas (*1967) is the managing director of the company and is responsible in particular for the strategic development of the company. In 1995 he joined a group of companies with pioneering work in customer service, in 1998 he changed to form a small customer service start-up into one of the top 10 in the industry, in 2002 he became divisional director for corporate development at Germany's largest listed BPM/BPO provider and in 2007 he founded and headed catinedo AG, a consulting firm for end customer-relevant processes.